Feeling so good!

I haven’t written for many days. Been busy, and whatever writing I could do on a weeknight went to my Nano novel. Same for weekends. It’s taking shape, and I’m over 46,000 words, but to finish the story draft will be at least 70,000. I’ll make it. I’ve learned so much from this experience that will help me in my writing career. It’s actually¬† a good model for writing any novel rough draft. Thirty days is enough if you have something of an outline or clue where your story is going and who the characters are. You can always improve on character development in the revision process, but I think the basic rough draft can be done in thirty days.

I had a strong impression tonight about a non-fiction book I want to write. Never thought I’d have something workable for that, but I definitely do. It may be my next project, or the one I do when I have the novels that are in progress ready to find an agent for.

This is proof positive that “this too shall pass.” I knew that already. Keep writing!


It went well, but there’s a lot to do before we get to bed, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get any writing in until early morning. I’m not in a good mood about it. Coming back to our trailer and having mail and papers all over the table is making me crazy. I can’t work in a crappy mess like that, and I don’t want to eat that way, either. My husband just can’t seem to file stuff, send it out with money in it, or throw it away. There aren’t any other choices for incoming mail and papers.
The job is going to be busy. I wasn’t surprised to find that I was the manager assigned to be on call over the Christmas weekend. Since I’m the new kid. I’m in agreement with managers being on call on the weekends, but it would have been nice if I had been told during the interview. Oh, well.

Balancing Act

Trying to keep up on my novel at about 2,000 words a day has been a balancing act this weekend. The novel has come out on the light end. Bob and I have been up here in Tacoma on a very fast trip to see one brother, two daughters, six grandchildren, one father nearly 92 years old, and a stepmom…and we’ve done pretty well with visiting all, though the visits with daughters and grandchildren was not as long as I would like. Usually when I come up, my brother is the one I see less of, because he has always lived in Gig Harbor…a half hour away from the rest of the mainstream of family visiting activity. He and my sister-in-law are separated recently, and he is living in a very nice apartment in downtown Tacoma; in fact, we are staying with him for this short visit. So, we are getting to see more of him than usual, and less of the girls.

What’s really getting back-burnered is my writing, and I hate seeing that. I will try to make up for it this coming week and actually get “ahead of schedule”. Bob’s interest in having me read to him “what happens next” while he’s driving has really been a boost emotionally.

I’m going to work on it for the next half hour or forty-five minutes before we have to pack up and get ready to go meet my middle daughter for breakfast. I haven’t seen her yet; she’s been in the process of moving and didn’t really want my help cleaning. (My standards don’t meet up to hers. Oh, well!) After we see her, we will go by and visit with my Dad and stepmom on our way out of town, and then hit the road for Florence. We have to stop and pick up our little dog, Boscoe, at the boarding kennel on our way home. He will be so excited to see me…both of us really. I’ll probably have to let him ride on my lap the rest of the way home.Gotta’ run now!


Well, it happens in life…disappointment, that is. It’s been a long day of traveling, and my husband and I got a number of important errands done this morning, but I’m so exhausted…we just got done with dinner, for crying out loud. I’m in bed at home by nine or nine thirty at the latest. When we come up here to visit family and it’s a short trip, it gets so hectic trying to see my Dad and stepmom, and my brother, and two daughters that live on opposite ends of a big city. Come to think of it, Dad and brother live on opposite ends, too….the East and West sides. So, it’s exhausting. It takes all day to get here, and we’re going back Sunday around noon. Ech. Did I get any writing done for NaNoWriMo today? NO. That’s what I’m disappointed about. I have two new writing buddies, though, and I’m very excited about that! Maybe if I go to sleep in just a few minutes, I’ll be able to get up early and work on finishing chapter three and move on to chapter four. I guess I will try not to beat myself up too bad. It didn’t take me long to see that my family doesn’t understand or take seriously…or care, probably, about my writing. I remember from many sources that I’ve read that I’m supposed to expect that and that not being understood or taken seriously is part of he loneliness of the calling of being a writer. I see why now. It’s funny how it’s the people you DON’T expect that reaction from that are the ones who do react that way. My Dad would be proud and interested, but he has dementia at nearly 92, and he doesn’t remember anything long enough to really let it sink in. I hope he can still read and understand written words when I publish my first novel. I know he would want to read it. I’m sure if I show him my blog and website, and let him read what I have so far of my novel that he would be able to comprehend and appreciate it…for a few minutes, anyway. That’s all you can ask with those circumstances. I had dinner with him tonight. I will show him this tomorrow some time.
Time to let go of the disappointment, now that I’ve said it, and get a good night’s sleep…and get up early to WRITE!!!

I not only didn’t wake up early to write this morning, I was late to work. I feel pretty disappointed with myself, but I was in desperate need of sleep. In my spare time at work, however, I hand wrote another chapter. I was having a really miserable day at work. It was my last day, and the mother of the baby I take care of couldn’t even bother to say “goodbye” to me. In fact, per usual, she spoke as little to me as possible all day long. I’ve got to let that go. And I need to tell something my husband did today that I will never forget. He hasn’t been especially excited about the time I spend writing, and it’s not always possible to get him to read and give me feedback at times. While I was at work today I got a phone message from him, because I couldn’t answer my phone. He had read my first two chapters of “The Homesteaders”, my NaNoWriMo novel, and he called to tell me he really loved the story and the writing. I was so tickled. It lifted my whole day. I left them on the table, but didn’t ask him to read them; he just picked it up and read it on his own. That meant a lot to me, too. He’s a discriminating reader and he’s not afraid to tell me it’s “okay” or “so-so”, or he wasn’t especially thrilled by it. That’s why his taking the effort to tell me he really loved it was SO amazing. Gotta’ go get that handwritten chapter typed.

I’m on my second to last day at a job where I feel very unappreciated. It’s a long story that I don’t want to go into, but it has really colored my day. Which is surprising, because things like what I face there usually roll off my back. I got up again this morning at 0400 and wrote chapter two of my NaNoWriMo novel,Homesteaders. If that wasn’t enough to make me feel good, I printed both chapters and took them to work with me. In my spare time, I did a lot of editing and came home and did the edits in the computer. I printed it, and I am very happy with it. The edits made it so much stronger…and about 400 words shorter. That’s ok, even in a challenge where word count is super important. I’d rather have to write more GOOD story than allow a fluffy, soft story to be my final product. I have to take care of my little dog. He’s crying to play with me. Then it’s off to bed so I can get up early again tomorrow.

Day One

Day One.