Day One

I can’t believe, after not being able to fall asleep until after midnight…but being in bed trying, rather than being up doing something, I actually got up shortly after my alarm went off at 0400, and brought my laptop back to bed with me and started writing my Nano Novel. I wrote the first chapter, and logged more than 2,000 words in, which had been my goal. I will print it off and take it to work with me today, and see what I can do to improve it.

I did it! I achieved my writing goal for today.


I’ve begun outlining my novel and getting to know my characters, but NaNoWriMo starts in less than three hours. I don’t expect to stay up to start right at midnight, but I will get up at four and write until about 5:30 or 6 before I start getting ready for work. I’m very excited about this challenge and joining thousands and thousands of people from all over the globe in this great adventure. Good luck to any and all out there who are beginning their novel in a few hours. I want you all to win. I think my husband thinks this is nuts….I’m sure he doesn’t understand the urgency I feel about it. I hope he gets the spirit of it before too long.


Well, my crazy side has kicked in and I’ve signed up to participate in a 30 day challenge to write a novel from scratch of at least 50,000 words. The contest begins at midnight on November 1, and ends at midnight on November 30th. We are allowed…encouraged…to outline our novel first. I’ve already done that, as I had the story planned for my “second novel,” though I haven’t finished the first one yet. No big deal, I have several others in various phases of WIP. Anyway, I’m ready to go. Very excited that such an event is sponsored. I learned of it from the wonderful blog of Sara…oops..can’t remember the rest of her name. I will add it later. It’s one of the WP blogs on the freshly pressed page. I thank her for blogging about it. It’s going to jump-start the process of writing and publishing that second work by a bunch!!!
My goal is to complete the NaNoWriMo…and still be married. I’m sure any married writers understand what I mean.:)

My inspiration seems to come a tiny piece at a time, day after day. The focus for this blog is going to be: My Journey from Writer to Author. We all know there’s a difference. An author is published. A writer? Maybe not.

I’ve been working on my first novel for a little over 3 years now. I started writing it on Oct. 3,2008, and believe me, it has really morphed from the first concept.I was thinking of another concept to bring in last night, so I only got about 4 hours of sleep. Oh well. The basic story is in place now, but some of the supporting or secondary characters are going to be antagonists instead of supporters. Especially one prime character that is important to the protagonist. And one minor character (sort of) is going to start out an antagonist and she turns out to be an ally in the end.

This has already been quite a journey, but there’s much to go until I see this book in print. I believe it has great potential, and I believe in my talent. I also believe in my determination and drive. Currently, I am continuing to type the messy first draft back into my laptop in a nice, neat format. I’m actually a very fast typist, but I get sleepy after awhile…just like reading. Not because I’m bored, but I’m sleep deprived usually to begin with, and focusing my eyes on a screen or page for a long time makes me drowsy.

It’s time for me to leave for work. Like most writers, I have to have a day job to support my habit:)

An Idea Factory!

I came up with ideas for several more novels today…even potential titles. Found out that the title I want for my first novel was used in 1996, but the book is out of print. I still want to stick with that title. I learned a lot in my reading about editing and revising today, and getting a manuscript really ready for an agent. It was a great read.

Oct. 25, 2011
Today is my Mom’s birthday. She passed away five years ago. She would have been 89 today. Happy Birthday, Mom!
I had a big writing breakthrough today. On my way to work I was listening to Sol Stein’s book on novel writing, and it got me to thinking of things I need to do to my story in my first novel to improve the story. I realized that my story was too “nice.” It needed more conflict, more tension. I needed to help my readers feel the emotion of the story more. It was an exciting feeling to know that I will cut some things and rewrite other parts, adding more detail, changing dialogue. I’m pretty excited to work on that. Right now I’m still retyping the edited first draft into my computer, so I can work with it. It’s too messy in the hard copy. I’m looking forward to sharing a little piece of it on my website in case anyone else reads this. (And even if they don’t.)
That’s about all for today.

Okay, I think I’m finally catching on to how to do this and to access the blog, and write in it. I took the blog page off of my website, and bloggers can come here instead. More later. Gotta’ make dinner for my husband. 🙂