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I haven’t written for many days. Been busy, and whatever writing I could do on a weeknight went to my Nano novel. Same for weekends. It’s taking shape, and I’m over 46,000 words, but to finish the story draft will be at least 70,000. I’ll make it. I’ve learned so much from this experience that will help me in my writing career. It’s actually¬† a good model for writing any novel rough draft. Thirty days is enough if you have something of an outline or clue where your story is going and who the characters are. You can always improve on character development in the revision process, but I think the basic rough draft can be done in thirty days.

I had a strong impression tonight about a non-fiction book I want to write. Never thought I’d have something workable for that, but I definitely do. It may be my next project, or the one I do when I have the novels that are in progress ready to find an agent for.

This is proof positive that “this too shall pass.” I knew that already. Keep writing!


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