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Trying to keep up on my novel at about 2,000 words a day has been a balancing act this weekend. The novel has come out on the light end. Bob and I have been up here in Tacoma on a very fast trip to see one brother, two daughters, six grandchildren, one father nearly 92 years old, and a stepmom…and we’ve done pretty well with visiting all, though the visits with daughters and grandchildren was not as long as I would like. Usually when I come up, my brother is the one I see less of, because he has always lived in Gig Harbor…a half hour away from the rest of the mainstream of family visiting activity. He and my sister-in-law are separated recently, and he is living in a very nice apartment in downtown Tacoma; in fact, we are staying with him for this short visit. So, we are getting to see more of him than usual, and less of the girls.

What’s really getting back-burnered is my writing, and I hate seeing that. I will try to make up for it this coming week and actually get “ahead of schedule”. Bob’s interest in having me read to him “what happens next” while he’s driving has really been a boost emotionally.

I’m going to work on it for the next half hour or forty-five minutes before we have to pack up and get ready to go meet my middle daughter for breakfast. I haven’t seen her yet; she’s been in the process of moving and didn’t really want my help cleaning. (My standards don’t meet up to hers. Oh, well!) After we see her, we will go by and visit with my Dad and stepmom on our way out of town, and then hit the road for Florence. We have to stop and pick up our little dog, Boscoe, at the boarding kennel on our way home. He will be so excited to see me…both of us really. I’ll probably have to let him ride on my lap the rest of the way home.Gotta’ run now!


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