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I not only didn’t wake up early to write this morning, I was late to work. I feel pretty disappointed with myself, but I was in desperate need of sleep. In my spare time at work, however, I hand wrote another chapter. I was having a really miserable day at work. It was my last day, and the mother of the baby I take care of couldn’t even bother to say “goodbye” to me. In fact, per usual, she spoke as little to me as possible all day long. I’ve got to let that go. And I need to tell something my husband did today that I will never forget. He hasn’t been especially excited about the time I spend writing, and it’s not always possible to get him to read and give me feedback at times. While I was at work today I got a phone message from him, because I couldn’t answer my phone. He had read my first two chapters of “The Homesteaders”, my NaNoWriMo novel, and he called to tell me he really loved the story and the writing. I was so tickled. It lifted my whole day. I left them on the table, but didn’t ask him to read them; he just picked it up and read it on his own. That meant a lot to me, too. He’s a discriminating reader and he’s not afraid to tell me it’s “okay” or “so-so”, or he wasn’t especially thrilled by it. That’s why his taking the effort to tell me he really loved it was SO amazing. Gotta’ go get that handwritten chapter typed.


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My inspiration seems to come a tiny piece at a time, day after day. The focus for this blog is going to be: My Journey from Writer to Author. We all know there’s a difference. An author is published. A writer? Maybe not.

I’ve been working on my first novel for a little over 3 years now. I started writing it on Oct. 3,2008, and believe me, it has really morphed from the first concept.I was thinking of another concept to bring in last night, so I only got about 4 hours of sleep. Oh well. The basic story is in place now, but some of the supporting or secondary characters are going to be antagonists instead of supporters. Especially one prime character that is important to the protagonist. And one minor character (sort of) is going to start out an antagonist and she turns out to be an ally in the end.

This has already been quite a journey, but there’s much to go until I see this book in print. I believe it has great potential, and I believe in my talent. I also believe in my determination and drive. Currently, I am continuing to type the messy first draft back into my laptop in a nice, neat format. I’m actually a very fast typist, but I get sleepy after awhile…just like reading. Not because I’m bored, but I’m sleep deprived usually to begin with, and focusing my eyes on a screen or page for a long time makes me drowsy.

It’s time for me to leave for work. Like most writers, I have to have a day job to support my habit:)

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